$495.000.00 Paid in Insurance Bad Faith Claim

The insurance company denied their insured’s claim for injuries after a hit and run car collision. The insurance company stated there was no evidence that the insured had been run off the road, and no evidence that a vehicle had hit her car to knock her off the road. Rather, they argued the insured ran off the road as a result of her own bad driving. The insured retained this law office to pursue her claim for injuries and to inquire as to why her insurance had denied her claim improperly.

In investigating the matter further it was determined that the insurance company had sent their own vehicle inspector out to inspect the damages to the client’s vehicle. The inspector told the client and her family that the evidence showed it was obvious that she had been hit by another vehicle. They could see the damage to the fender where it then forced her off the side of the road into a ditch thereby causing her injuries. With this information in hand, the insurance company was then contacted and was told of a breach of contract lawsuit was to be filed against the insurance company for failure to put clients interest above their own, failure to treat her claim fairly and honestly. As a result we were able to obtain a settlement in the amount of $495.000.00 against her insurance company.