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At the Law Offices of Kenneth G. Egan, our Las Cruces, New Mexico motorcycle accident lawyers provide the experienced legal representation injury victims need after they have been hurt in collisions with passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, and even other motorcyclists who were negligently operating their vehicles when the crash occurred. And for those who have lost a loved one in these tragic collisions, we can help you and your family too.

Doña Ana County provides the perfect landscape for residents and visitors alike to ride their motorcycles during daily commutes and for pleasure. And while motorcyclists have the same rights to the road as passenger vehicles, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration lists that motorcycle deaths occur 28 times more frequently than fatalities in other vehicles during a collision.

How Our Las Cruces Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Can Help 

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you have a lot to deal with physically, emotionally, and financially. Our Las Cruces, New Mexico motorcycle accident lawyers can guide you through the legal process, so you can focus on your overall recovery while we handle the details of pursuing the negligent driver who caused your injuries.

We will pursue the negligent driver and their insurance company for each aspect of your:

  • Current, future, and long-term medical expenses
  • All rehabilitation and therapy requirements
  • Complete medical equipment and prescription purchases
  • Lost wages
  • Partial or full disability needs, both short and long-term

We will outline your overall expenses and future care requirements to ensure we pursue the best financial outcome available for your unique motorcycle accident case.

Common Injuries From Las Cruces Motorcycle Accidents

The average motorcycle weighs approximately 400 pounds, compared to a passenger vehicle that weighs 3,000 – 4,000 pounds, which places the motorcyclist at a substantial disadvantage during an accident.

Add in the rider’s vulnerable position of being unrestrained on a completely open vehicle, and you are faced with the reality of how devastating a motorcycle accident can be.

The common types of injuries associated with motorcycle accidents can include:

  • Cuts and scrapes are commonly referred to as “road rash”
  • Skin loss that requires grafting procedures
  • Penetrating bruises
  • Broken bones
  • Torn muscles, ligaments, and tendons
  • Internal bleeding
  • Organ damage
  • Neck and spine injuries
  • Head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries
  • Loss of limbs
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Wrongful death

Each Las Cruces, New Mexico motorcycle accident and the resulting injuries are unique to the rider and the circumstances of his or her collision. At the Law Offices of Kenneth G. Egan, our Las Cruces motorcycle accident lawyers have successfully litigated cases that have allowed our clients to get the medical treatment they need and the financial recovery they deserve. We can pursue the same results for you or a loved one who has suffered from motorcycle accident injuries.

What to Do Immediately After a Motorcycle Accident

Immediately following a motorcycle accident, you should take the following steps. 

  1. Check on the well-being of yourself and passengers 
  2. Move to a safe space
  3. Call 911
  4. Exchange information with the other driver or drivers
  5. Take pictures of the accident scene
  6. Gather the information of any witnesses
  7. Seek medical treatment
  8. Call an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer

It is essential that you follow the right steps after a motorcycle accident to ensure a smooth insurance claim process. When you have been in an accident, get to safety and call the police while you assess any injuries you and your passengers have suffered. Photograph the scene of the accident and exchange information with the other party or parties. Get written or video recorded statements from eyewitnesses.

Following an accident, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Don't be afraid to get a medical checkup, even if you think you aren't injured or your injuries are not severe. It is not uncommon for injuries to present themselves hours or days after an accident. If you fail to seek proper medical attention and gain consultation from a professional, it will be impossible to attribute injuries to the accident. 

Choose The Law Offices of Kenneth G. Egan For Attorneys With...

Expertise — To give your case the best chance of success possible, work with auto injury lawyers specializing in motorcycle accident law. When you suffer a personal injury due to a careless or drunk driver, you rely on your lawyer to maximize your recovery from the insurance company. Having a lawyer with a track record of past success and experience in the specific type of accident you’ve been in can go a long way. 

Experience — Your case is too important to trust to a new, inexperienced lawyer. Hire our motorcycle accident lawyers who have been serving riders for more than 30 years. 

Success — We treat each case by itself. No two cases are the same, so we tailor our service to meet your needs to find the best possible solution. You can read about our past history of success winning cases for motorcyclists here.

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How Many People Are Killed On Motorcycles In New Mexico Each Year?

While not all motorcycle accidents in Las Cruces, New Mexico end in fatalities, the statistics provide a startling view of those who were.

According to the NHTSA, last year in the State of New Mexico there were:

  • 379 total traffic fatalities throughout the state
  • 53 of those deaths were motorcyclists

Throughout the United States last year, 5,172 people were killed in motorcycle accidents.

How Can Las Cruces, New Mexico Motorcycle Accident Victims Lessen Their Chance of Injury

Avoiding injury as the operator or passenger of a motorcycle begins with wearing a helmet that meets or exceeds the U.S. Department of Transportation standards. In the State of New Mexico, only riders and passengers under the age of 18 are required to wear helmets during the motorcycle’s operation. However, the safety they provide can be instrumental in saving lives.

Reflectors are mandated by law and help other vehicles see motorcyclists when they may not otherwise, which can help avoid a collision. Eye protection must also be worn when the motorcycle is not equipped with a windshield. This safety component can help ensure the rider’s view is not obstructed, thereby allowing the operator to have a clear view of the road and the traffic around them.

Other safety components can include:

  • Wearing protective clothing
  • Never operating a motorcycle under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Following traffic signs and signals
  • Maintaining a safe speed
  • Defensive driving methods that help avoid distracted drivers

At Law Offices of Kenneth G. Egan, Our Personal Injury Law Firm Also Focuses On The Following Practice Areas:

Our Las Cruces Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Will Defend You Against Unfair Stereotypes

Reckless motorists will often contest fault and point the finger at motorcyclists following an accident. Unfortunately, bikers can be viewed with prejudice by jurors and insurers. The Law Offices of Kenneth G. Egan are here to fight that unreasonable stereotype with hard evidence and facts. 

Even if you are partially at fault, our Las Cruces motorcycle accident attorneys may still be able to help, as New Mexico law operates according to “comparative negligence,” meaning that responsibility and financial compensation from a personal injury claim is at least partially determined by the percent at which each party is found to be at fault. 

It’s our job as your attorney to present the facts, negate false accusations, and help maximize your recovery. 

If you have been injured in an auto accident on your motorcycle, don’t just listen to whatever the insurance company tells you. Exercise your rights by working with our specialized motorcycle lawyers. Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation. We promise to treat you with dignity and honesty. And if we are unable to proceed with a claim for you, we will still provide you with information and other assistance to help.

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