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$1.9 Million Paid To Family Who Lost A Child

A family residing in a local apartment complex lost their child to a drowning in the property’s hot tub. The lawyer for the insurance company and management for the apartment complex attempted to blame the mom for the loss of her child. They said that “this happened on her watch” and that “she allowed this to happen by not paying enough attention.” As a result of those accusations, Kenneth G. Egan was retained to represent the mom, dad, and four grandparents who all suffered from the loss of the child.

We were then able to prove that the management and owners of the apartment complex failed to properly maintain the tub and secure proper permits to operate. A filtering system that had not been properly maintained had allowed back flow to reenter the spa. This back flow created cloudy, murky water such that visibility into the spa below the surface was extremely difficult. With the bubble jets turned on the visibility depth was non-existent. The child had fallen to the bottom of the spa and was not seen until it was too late. The mother timely and frantically looked everywhere to find her child. She looked into the spa but couldn’t see anything. It was believed that he had gone to the restroom and/or was playing “hide and seek.” The spa had a loose handrail at its entrance. It is believed that the child put some weight on the handrail which gave way causing him to slip and fall into the spa.

It should be noted that after successfully completing the case the maintenance procedures and supervision substantially changed in favor of greater safety and competence.

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Millions Paid To Victims Of Motorcycle And Car Accidents

The Law Office of Kenneth G. Egan is thorough in its handling of motorcycle and car accident cases. This firm has helped multiple individuals in the community and surrounding cities to fairly obtain recoveries for their injuries after having fallen victim to too many drivers not properly watching the road. When a motorcycle rider is involved in a collision all to often it seems to be the victim’s family members who come to hire this office as their attorney. The reason for that is all too well known by you, motorcycle riders out there; “the injured individual is too seriously hurt to make it into the office to seek representation.” The most common injuries seen with this kind of accident are broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, road rash, and ligament damage to the spine.

Jury Verdict $80,629 In Recent Car Accident Case

In a recent jury trial taking place in Las Cruces, New Mexico, the Plaintiff, client of this law office, had medical expenses of approximately $16,000. Her injuries were described as “soft tissue.” After presentation of her case at trial, the jury awarded the Plaintiff $80,629.97. Prior to trial, the defense had offered to settle the case for $23,500.00. That offer was rejected in favor of proceeding to trial.

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$280,000 Paid In Insurance Bad Faith Case

A recent resident of Las Cruces, New Mexico was involved in a car accident which was not her fault. She had insurance which included medical payment coverage. The purposes of medical payment coverage was to pay her medical bills if she were involved in a car accident, whether it was her fault or not. When this individual presented her medical bills to her insurance carrier for payment, the insurance company refused to pay. They had a variety of excuses, however, none were legitimate. The insurance company failed and/or refused to investigate the claim but rather jumped to conclusions and formulated opinions as to the non-viability of the Plaintiff’s injuries. They asked her to submit to their own doctor for a medical evaluation. That doctor confirmed the injuries, yet they still refused and/or failed to pay. This office was retained and a bad faith lawsuit was instituted against the insurance company. Not only did the Plaintiff prevail in her bad faith lawsuit against the insurance company, but the insurance company now uses her fact pattern as a teaching tool for their agents so that this same fact pattern does not occur again in the future.

It goes to show you the only way to teach a greedy insurance company a lesson is to hit them in the wallet.

$175,000 Mauling Case Settled

A 6-year old Las Cruces boy who was mauled by two dogs in 2004 received a $175,000 settlement.

The boy received multiple bites and puncture wounds on both legs and knees down to the ankles after being attacked by two dogs, including a Rottweiler, on March 11, 2004. The boy’s two sisters witnessed the attack and tried to rescue him by attempting to keep the dogs off the child’s neck and face. “When the police arrived, the two sisters were covered in blood and mud and were so distraught they could not give a statement to the police,” Egan said.

The family filed a lawsuit against the dogs’ owner in the 3rd Judicial District Court in Doña Ana County.

The majority of the money will be put in an annuity for the child when he turns eighteen.

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Law Firm Finds Success Against 18 Wheeler Accidents

This law office has successfully helped many individuals who have found themselves the victim of collisions with 18 wheelers.

When you have approximately 80,000 pounds of steel traveling at 65 miles per hour involved in a collision, the outcome is usually not good. If you or a family member have been hurt or killed by an 18 wheeler it is important to have a very thorough investigation of all the facts involved. Truck drivers and their companies are required to follow various federal regulations regarding hours of driving, equipment, maintenance, and the the weight of the vehicle, etc. If the truck driving is in violation of any of these federal regulations they can be deemed to be at fault as a matter of law.

If you retain this law firm regarding an 18 wheeler collision or any type of accident, we begin to work immediately to learn all of the facts necessary to prove your case. Time is of the essence.

Millions Paid To Victims Of Train Wreck Cases

The State of New Mexico seems to be inundated with individuals killed in train crossings, either pedestrian or motor vehicle. As the population continues to grow in our state, more and more people are crossing the railroad tracks. Unfortunately, the railroad companies have failed and/or refused to upgrade their crossings to deal with the increased traffic. This law firm has handled train wreck cases from Southern New Mexico to Northern New Mexico against both BNSF and AmTrak. If a loved on of yours was recently injured or killed in a railroad accident consult an attorney experienced in railroad cases as soon as possible to learn what your rights are.

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Two Sexual Assault Victims Receive $380,000

Sexual assault and physical abuse can occur in many locations aside from private residences. Assault can occur in parking lots of movie theaters, apartment complexes, and other public places. In the recent past one such victim, after being sexually assaulted in a Las Cruces apartment complex parking lot, retained this office to represent her. After investigating the matter, we made a claim against the apartment complex for their negligence in not having proper security on the premises. We were able to secure for her a successful recovery against the insurance company insuring the property. Negligent security is one of the greatest factors contributing to those finding themselves victims of assault. If you are the victim of assault in a commercial or public setting, it is important to consult an attorney.

It should be noted that after successfully completing the case the property has now improved its security on the property. Hopefully this does not happen again to anyone else at that location.

Wal-Mart Sued For Negligent Sale Of Ammunition

Wal-Mart in Las Cruces recently sold ammunition to an individual who was suffering from mental illness, intoxicated, and a convicted felon. This individual took the ammunition he purchased and shortly thereafter shot and killed an individual. As a result of a perceived negligent sale of ammunition, Wal-Mart has been sued seeking recovery for the survivors of the deceased.


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