Brain Injury Lawyer Explains Fallout of a Near-Drowning

In the setting of a pool or any other body of water, a near-drowning incident can quickly turn into a life-altering event. Even when victims survive, the aftermath often includes severe consequences, particularly in the form of traumatic brain injuries. Our Las Cruces brain injury lawyers have years of experience handling these cases. If you have a loved one who has suffered a brain injury after a near-drowning accident, here is what you need you need to know.

The Complex Nature of Brain Injuries in Near-Drowning Cases

The human brain is exceptionally vulnerable to oxygen deprivation, making near-drowning accidents particularly concerning. Even brief periods without oxygen can result in traumatic brain injuries with varying degrees of severity. Recognizing the complex nature of these injuries is essential for both medical professionals and legal advocates seeking justice for the victims. 

Delayed Symptoms: Unraveling the Aftermath

One of the challenges in near-drowning cases is the potential for delayed symptoms of traumatic brain injuries. Victims may not immediately display signs of cognitive impairment, meaning medical evaluations are incredibly important. From memory loss to changes in behavior, understanding the delayed aftermath is pivotal in providing comprehensive legal representation for those affected. Below are some more symptoms you can expect to see in individuals with traumatic brain injuries:


  • Bothered by light or noise
  • Attention or concentration problems
  • Sleeping more or less than usual
  • Vision problems
  • Irritability or easily angered
  • Headaches 

After the accident

After a near-drowning accident, taking prompt and decisive steps is crucial for both immediate safety and long-term recovery. The first and foremost action should be seeking emergency medical attention. Even if the individual appears to be stable, complications, especially related to potential brain injuries, may arise later. Documenting the incident and gathering witness information can be valuable for any subsequent legal proceedings. Additionally, notifying relevant authorities, such as lifeguards or pool management, is essential for incident reporting. As soon as possible, consulting with a medical professional and contacting a skilled Las Cruces brain injury lawyer specializing in drowning cases is advisable. 

Rebuilding Lives: Rehabilitation and Support

Recovery from traumatic brain injuries sustained in near-drowning accidents is a multifaceted journey. Beyond legal proceedings, victims may require extensive rehabilitation and ongoing support. A comprehensive approach to rebuilding lives encompasses medical care, therapeutic interventions, and a commitment to addressing the long-term consequences of such injuries.

Moving Forward: Our Las Cruces Brain Injury Lawyers Can Help

As advocates for victims of near-drowning accidents and specialists in river and lake drowning accidents, the Law Offices of Kenneth G. Egan not only seeks justice in individual cases but also contributes to raising awareness about traumatic brain injuries. If you or a loved one has experienced a near-drowning incident resulting in traumatic brain injuries, contact us today.