Five Common Personal Injury Mistakes to Avoid After An Accident

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To follow are five important tips on mistakes to avoid after suffering personal injuries in an accident.

Mistake One: Failing to get immediate medical care.

In order to pursue a personal injury case, there must be proof that an injury occurred. It is important to seek medical care immediately following your Las CrucesNew Mexico accident, to show that the injuries were caused by the accident. Any time delay between the injury’s occurrence and a medical visit can lead to the other party’s insurance company stating that your injuries could have happened anywhere (and any other time), and were not related to the accident.

Tip: No matter who is at fault, get medical care immediately after an accident, so not only are each of your injuries accounted for, but you are getting the care you need.

Mistake Two: Failing to document your injuries.

Being involved in an accident is a very confusing time. Everything happens so fast that you can become disoriented and when you are hurt, you may be incapable of recounting exactly what happened. To protect your case, start documenting the outcome as soon as you are able.

Tip: If you are able to remain at the scene, take down the other driver’s information, and be sure a police report is completed before you seek medical care. If you require immediate medical care, begin documenting everything going forward. This includes doctor visits, physical, emotional, and psychological changes – including how you feel throughout the day, and how your life is affected by your injuries. Take photos of your injuries, and gain access to your medical records, taking care to complete all treatments necessary.

Mistake Three: Giving a statement to the insurance company.

Insurance companies are going to reach out to injury victims immediately after an accident, in hopes of catching them in a vulnerable position. They will want you to make a statement, and may even coerce you into unknowingly admitting fault – even when they seem harmless and helpful. Their goal is to avoid paying you anything.

Tip: Do not speak with the insurance company or any of their representatives without contacting a Las Cruces personal injury and accident attorney first, ensuring your rights are protected at all times.

Mistake Four: Signing anything.

Never sign anything – a release or authorization – provided by the insurance company without consulting an attorney. Chances are, they are going to ask you to release your medical records, so they can review your injuries. The truth is, they are looking for ways to blame your medical past on your current injuries. Do not allow anyone to access any of your private or personal information, including your medical records. Talk to an attorney first, so you are protected.

Mistake Five: Settling your claim without an attorney.

Insurance companies are going to approach you with a reduced settlement, in hopes that you take their offer and put your claim to rest immediately (and at a lesser cost to them).

Do not let the insurance company take advantage of you.

You deserve the opportunity to pursue the best financial outcome available for your accident and injuries. Your recovery is paramount to your future livelihood, and our Dona Ana County personal injury attorney, Kenneth Egan, can provide the accomplished legal representation you need to pursue results by contacting our office at (575) 523-2222 for a free consultation.