Shattered Lives And DUI Prevention In Las Cruces, New Mexico

Mothers Against Drunk Driving commended New Mexico on becoming the first state in the nation to implement the ignition interlocking device law, which added breathalyzer devices to cars owned by individuals after a first-time DUI conviction. When the law was enacted in 2005, the following year saw a 25% reduction in drunk driving deaths in our state, yet there is still more work to be done to counter these dangerous driving behaviors.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 8,543 DUI arrests in New Mexico last year. Over the same time period, there were 2,125 alcohol-involved crashes, which accounted for a 38% increase from the previous year.

The New Mexico Department of Motor Vehicles lists alcohol as a factor in approximately 40% of all traffic crashes that end in fatalities in our state. Last year, those DUI-related traffic accidents claimed 98 lives, and organizers are working tirelessly on prevention methods — starting with our youth.

The Las Cruces Sun News reported that the students at Chaparral High School witnessed a simulated drunk-driving accident during the annual event “Shattered Lives” that aims to provide students with a realistic look at the devastating effects drunk driving has on our Las Cruces community.

Dona Ana County emergency crews were at the scene to attend to the “injured” teenagers — all of whom were volunteers who attend the high school — while others involved in the crash reproduction were pronounced dead at the scene to emphasize the reality of these tragic and preventable crashes.

As the Shattered Lives movement develops and continues to provide the informative and educational approach necessary to reach our youth, our law firm stands behind the preventive measures and applauds the realistic approach to warning these impressionable teenagers of the all-too-real dangers of drunk driving.

Our auto accident attorney in Las Cruces supports the efforts of everyone involved in the Shattered Lives education program and others throughout the state who are working tirelessly to prevent drunk driving from claiming more lives in our communities.

Drunk driving accidents are completely preventable. And when you are hurt because of another’s negligence in operating a vehicle while intoxicated, we can help you hold them financially responsible for their unlawful behavior.

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