Your Car Accident Lawyer Questions Answered

car accident lawyer

According to a 2021 report authored by the NHTSA, New Mexico experienced 195 deaths in fatal crashes due to distracted driving in 2021. This staggering statistic represents just one facet of the tragically high number of auto accidents in New Mexico each year. Despite taking all necessary precautions, unfortunately, crashes still happen, and when they…

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Determining Fault for Car Accidents in New Mexico

Injured in a car accident in New Mexico? Don’t know who’s at fault? Our car accident attorneys answer these questions and more.

New Mexico’s vast landscapes offer scenic drives, but sometimes, those journeys take an unexpected turn. Car accidents can leave you feeling shaken, injured, and unsure of what’s next. One of the most pressing questions after an accident is often: Who’s to blame? Understanding fault is incredibly important for navigating insurance claims, potential lawsuits, and even…

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Your Truck Accident Attorney Questions Answered

truck accident questions

When involved in a truck accident in New Mexico, navigating the aftermath can be overwhelming. Victims may face serious injuries, significant property damage, and an uncertain path to compensation. Semi-trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, and when they collide with a much smaller passenger vehicle, its occupants can be severely injured. 18-wheeler accidents in…

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Your Insurance Breach of Contract Attorney Questions Answered

insurance breach of contract attorney

Navigating the complexities of an insurance dispute can be daunting. When an insurance company fails to honor the terms of a policy, it may constitute a breach of contract, leaving policyholders uncertain about their next steps. Understanding your rights and how to pursue justice is crucial.  If you’ve recently fallen victim to insurance bad faith…

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Bus Accident Myths Exposed: Tips from a Bus Accident Attorney

Injured in a bus accident? Our bus accident attorneys are here to help.

Bus accidents can be incredibly stressful and emotionally charged experiences. Amidst the confusion and recovery process, misinformation can often cloud your understanding of your rights and legal options. Protect yourself with tips from our experienced bus accident lawyers. Myth 1: Bus accidents are always the driver’s fault. While driver error is a significant factor in…

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Bicycle Accident Lawyers – FAQs To Keep You Informed

bicycle accident lawyers frequently asked questions

According to a 2022 finding, New Mexico is the 7th most dangerous state for bicyclists in the country. This alarming statistic underscores the critical need for both cyclists and motorists in the state to be aware of the potential dangers on the road and understand the legal implications and procedures following a bike accident. Bike…

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Egan Explains: How Do You Prove Wrongful Death?

“How do you prove wrongful death?” If you have lost a loved one, this is an incredibly important question that must be answered.

Losing a loved one unexpectedly due to someone else’s negligence is a tragedy that throws your world into turmoil. While no legal action can truly erase the pain and grief, understanding how to prove wrongful death can help you hold the responsible party accountable and recover some financial compensation for the losses you suffer. This…

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Understanding New Mexico Dog Bite Laws

dog bite laws, dog bite attorney near las cruces, new mexico

Around 4.5 million dog bites occur each year throughout the U.S, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Of these bites, one in five become infected, leading to severe injuries that have long-term effects and require ongoing medical care. While there are steps owners can take to minimize the risk of their dog attacking an…

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Brain Injury Lawyer Explains Fallout of a Near-Drowning

Have you had a loved one injured in a river or lake drowning accident? Our brain injury lawyers are here to help.

In the setting of a pool or any other body of water, a near-drowning incident can quickly turn into a life-altering event. Even when victims survive, the aftermath often includes severe consequences, particularly in the form of traumatic brain injuries. Our Las Cruces brain injury lawyers have years of experience handling these cases. If you…

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